Tempe Leadership is governed by a volunteer Council. The majority of Tempe Leadership council members have graduated from the program and are active in other community organizations.

2018-2019 Tempe Leadership Officers

President: Suzanne Durkin-Bighorn

President-Elect: Shereen Lerner

Treasurer: Harvey Gibson

Secretary: Christina Hudson

Past President: Lou Silverman

Suzanne Durkin-Bighorn


Shereen Lerner


Harvey Gibson


Christina Hudson


Lou Silverman

Past President

Nancy Farrington

Rebecca Joy

Maja Aurora

Chelsea McDonnell

Tonya Gustke

Josh Roffler

Mckell Keeney

Melia Dunn

Tonya Gray

Preston Swan

Michael Pooley

Julie Hettermann

Kelly Alexander

Stephen Alexander

Tom Avery

Brad Filgas

Kristine Kassel

Casey Thomas

Anne Gill

Tempe Chamber of Commerce President

Council Member Expectations

The Tempe Leadership Council is responsible for guiding the program to fulfill its mission, making decisions and taking action to ensure the success of the program.


Our council members are expected to:

    • Set policy and direction for the organization that aligns with our mission
    • Ensure execution of the strategic goals
    • Make decisions based on the best interest of the organization as a whole
    • Serve as a leadership role model, demonstrating our core values, to the current class, alumni and community-at large
    • Be knowledgeable about best practices in nonprofit governance
    • Assume responsibility for the financial health of the program, approve the annual budget and provide ongoing oversight
    • Review and approve monthly meeting minutes and committee reports
    • Operate under the auspices of both the Tempe Leadership and Tempe Chamber of Commerce Foundation policies and bylaws


Council terms are three years and begin July 1. Council members may serve no more than two consecutive terms. During their term of service, our council members are expected to:

    • Attend monthly council meetings, the annual council retreat, and committee meetings
    • Attend Tempe Leadership functions, fundraisers and events and encourage others to do the same
    • Actively serve on and regularly attend meetings for at least two committees (one, if serving as a council officer or committee chair)
    • Attend and/or assist in at least one issue day
    • Guide and support the current class members and their class project
    • Assist in recruitment of class members and council members

Time Commitment

Council members can expect to serve approximately 6-8 hours per month