What is Tempe Leadership?

Since 1985, more than 800 diverse, dedicated individuals have participated in the Tempe Leadership Program. As a program of and in partnership with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Foundation, our focus is to bring together like-minded individuals in the community to engage and challenge one another, learn more about the ins and outs of Tempe and, most importantly, make a real difference in our community. Tempe Leadership alumni are well represented on local boards and commissions, routinely serve elected office, and volunteer time and energy to the community – together creating lasting legacies.

Tempe Leadership strives to:

Create a strong, resilient web of community leaders
Develop and mentor individuals to fulfill formal community leadership roles
Seek positive solutions to real community problems
Strengthen our community for now and in future generations
Support the development of youth leaders
Involve others in our community in volunteer, charitable, and civic efforts
Build an inclusive, connected, and vital hometown

Our Mission

The mission of Tempe Leadership is to attract, develop, educate, and empower individuals through our adult and youth leadership programs and to make a positive impact in the community through our Tempe Cares and alumni programs.

Our Values

  • Maintain an environment of trust and integrity
  • Be a good citizen in the community and industry
  • Strive continually for innovation, quality, and continuous improvement
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Be economically responsible

“I believe very firmly that Tempe Leadership is the catalyst to making sure that people are ready to be in leadership positions.”
Michael Hughes
President & Executive Director, A New Leaf

“It’s the relationships that you form.”
Neil Giuliano,
Class 1 & former Tempe Mayor