Tempe Cares

Tempe Cares is the community’s signature annual volunteer event with hundreds of Tempe residents, employees, students, businesses and organizations joining forces to improve the community and show how much they care.



March 27th: 8:00am – 12:00pm

Rover Elementary School: 1300 E Watson Dr, Tempe, AZ 

Volunteers needed to help with:

  1. Fill in holes and patch irrigation berms in large grass kids play area behind school and adjacent to school garden
  2. Build a small desert garden with contour adjacent to main school entrance
  3. Build raised beds, fill-in, and plant in newly constructed desert garden

Contact us at [email protected] to sign up.

Clark Park Community Garden – December 5th, 2020

The Tempe Cares Clark Park Project  – Volunteers worked alongside garden and engineer experts to construct the LEHR raised garden bed.  A LEHR raised bed works by combining technological solutions with organic gardening methods to create  a closed loop. The raised garden bed combines production of edible plants with composting of leftover garden material from previous gardening cycles.

The Clark Park Community Garden generates lots of leftover plant material.  The LEHR raised bed will help reduce the amount of leftover plant material while providing much needed new compost for the next planting season.
To learn more on this sustainable innovation, visit The LEHR Gardens.
Photos of the TEMPE CARES project can be viewed on our Tempe Cares Flikr album.

Annual Event, at a Glance

Tempe Cares, founded in 1991, was the inspiration of former Tempe City Councilwoman Carol E. Smith who wanted to see the community come together to help the greater good.

  • The mission of Tempe Cares is to organize citizen volunteers to reduce blight and improve the appearance of Tempe’s neighborhoods and community spaces.
  • Tempe Cares has grown annually to include several hundred individuals, groups and businesses. Each year these volunteers come together to invest their combined resources of skilled and unskilled physical labor, tools and building materials to help improve quality of life in Tempe.
  • Tempe Cares owes its success to the many individuals who come out on the day of the event and dedicate their time, toil, and heart to help their community. Our volunteers include hundreds of Tempe Leadership alumni as well as representatives from non-profit organizations, businesses, schools, service clubs, religious organizations and neighborhoods – people just like you!
  • Of increasing importance is the participation of construction contractors who provide much-needed skilled craftsmanship, such as carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, tree trimming and landscaping. We are always looking for local contractors to get involved with Tempe Cares.

Thanks to the many businesses, organizations and individuals who provide both cash and in-kind contributions to make Tempe Cares a community success.