You have the power to make a difference in our community. Tempe Leadership values and welcomes all individuals who want to be actively involved in making a difference in Tempe.

Information About the Program

The Tempe Leadership program began in 1983 with a mission to attract, develop, educate, and empower individuals who live and/or work in Tempe through its leadership program. Over the years, more than 800 people have graduated from the program and have gone on to participate in many civic and community programs, including public office, city boards and commissions, non-profits, as well as volunteering in a multitude of ways.

We are seeking potential leaders who want the opportunity to serve and need to learn about the organizations and leaders to make that service possible.

The program runs from September to May and requires attendance at 18-20 issue days (mostly on Fridays) as well as the development and implementation of a class project which benefits residents or organizations in Tempe. Examples of issue days include learning about public safety, arts and culture, education, business, health and wellness, transportation, human services, and more. A requirement is to attend an overnight orientation at the beginning of the program. Participation in the program is tracked using a point system; points are accrued based on attendance at issue days and additional activities/events. A complete packet with additional details is provided once you have been accepted into the program.

Why Join Tempe Leadership?

By participating, you are investing in your community as well as your personal and professional growth. Plus, you have the opportunity to develop friendships that will last a lifetime. If you would like to connect with other active community members, positively influence your community, and enhance your leadership capacity, Tempe Leadership is for you.

What it means to you:

  • Gain an understanding of issues confronting Tempe (and often the surrounding community) and be exposed to a broad range or viewpoints.
  • Connect to people and organizations in the community
  • Develop ties to a network of alumni and stakeholders who provide opportunities for support and partnership
  • Participate in a highly regarded professional development leadership program
  • Get connected, make lasting relationships, and have fun!
  • Meet and work with other people who are enthusiastic about making positive contributions to our community

Graduates of the Tempe Leadership program become lifelong members of a unique alumni group devoted to community service.


Tuition for 2020-2021 is $800. This fee contributes towards meals, materials, retreat and class expenses.

Class Commitment

Class members are expected to participate fully in the entire program in order to qualify for graduation. Generally, participation requires two weekdays per month as well as group meetings as needed.

Participants are encouraged to secure their employer’s support.

Examples of 2020-2021 Issue Days (Class XXXVI) and Events

September 11, 2020:  Class Orientation

September 18, 2020: Leadership Development

 October 2, 2020: Human Services Day/Right to Breathe/Social Justice

October 16, 2020: COVID City of Tempe Incident Management Team and Journalism/Media

 October 30, 2020: Business/Economic Development

 November 13, 2020: Public Works

 December 4, 2020: Arts, Culture and Neighborhoods

 January 8, 2021: Fire Day

 January 22, 2021: Health and Wellness

 February 5, 2021: Police Day

 February 19, 2021: Transportation

 March 5, 2021: Governance

 March 6, 2021: Tempe Cares

 March 20, 2021: Tourism/Parks and Recreation

 April 9, 2021: Education

 May 7, 2021: Alumni Experience and Graduation

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Phone: Tempe Chamber of Commerce (480) 967-7891