Class Project

The City of Tempe is made up of a diverse blend of residents who feel the pressures of negativity as it relates to social injustice and unconscious bias.  Art causes people to look a little closer at social issues, at other people and their emotions, and at the environment that surrounds them.  

Our project will be a mural in Downtown Tempe (5th and Mill), the artist will create something that invokes feelings of unity and share a positive message in the community. 

If you are interested in helping us make this project a reality please donate!

Project Updates

  • January 4, 2021- Call to Artists Closed
    • Thank you to all the artists who submitted their information, we are in the process of narrowing the submissions down to three finalists.
  • January 22, 2021- Virtual Trivia Night Fundraiser
    • Theme- I love the 90’s!
CenturyLink Building

Meet Class XXXVI!

The new class has arrived! We’re excited to join Class XXXVI on the journey that is Tempe Leadership. Please check back for class updates.

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