A thriving community relies on strong, dedicated leaders who can navigate and work collaboratively for the greater good. Tempe Leadership, a pillar of the local community since 1985, is set for another fantastic year featuring dedicated leaders, innovative programs, and renewed commitments to fostering positive change within Tempe. In this blog, we introduce the newly elected board, executive committee, and new board members who will steer the organization toward new heights.

Tempe Leadership’s Council provides strategic direction and oversight for the organization’s activities and affairs. This dedicated group of leaders includes:

  • President: Kelsey Files, Class XXXV
  • President-Elect: Martha Carter, Class XXXVII
  • Past President: Jessica Brice, Class XXXIV
  • Treasurer: Jayashree Ganesan, Class XXXIV
  • Secretary: Roxy Helman, Class XXXVI
  • Denise Hart, Class XXXI
  • Chantez Adams, Class XXXVI
  • Kim Naig, Class XXXI
  • Paul Quinn, Class XXXIV
  • Sharon Price, Class XXX
  • Karyn Lathan, Class XXXVII
  • Michelle Bigman, Class XXXVII
  • Dawn Hocking, Class XXVII
  • David Khoo, Class¬† XXXV
  • Kris Cartwright, Class XXXIV
  • Laura Green Schoenfeld, XXXV
  • Lou Silverman, Class XXVIII
  • Jay Robinette, Class XXXII
  • Kathleen Babilon, Class XXXIII

Tempe Leadership is delighted to welcome the following new Council members to the team:

  • Linda Sullivan, Class XII
  • Gabe Hagen, Class XXXVIII
  • Melissa Harden, Class XXXVIII

Since 1985, Tempe Leadership has partnered with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Foundation to unite like-minded individuals who seek to challenge, engage, and make a real difference in the Tempe community. The organization’s alumni are well-represented on local boards, commissions, and elected offices, all working together to create lasting legacies. For more information, visit www.tempeleadership.org.