Outstanding Community Leadership Award

    Celebrating the pillars of our community, the Outstanding Community Leadership Award is a prestigious recognition bestowed annually. This accolade, sponsored by Tempe Leadership, is a much-anticipated highlight of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Breakfast.

    Who Can Be Nominated?

    Nominees might be your co-workers, neighbors, or mentors if they match the following criteria:

    • Local Presence: They should either live or sustain a professional presence within the boundaries of Tempe.
    • Tempe Leadership Program Alumni: Their journey should weave through the experiences they’ve gathered being associated with the Tempe Leadership program.
    • A Catalyst for Positive Change: Their leadership should have cascaded into tangible community benefits, leaving a lasting imprint on the city’s ethos.


    Note: To ensure impartiality and celebrate the broadest spectrum of leadership, current members of the Tempe Leadership Council are not eligible for nomination.

    Past recipients of this award from 1990 to present: Eva Patton, Nancy Leach, Lawn Griffiths, Bobbie Cassano, Len and Jean Copple, Mel Kessler, Zita Johnson, Christine Wilkinson, Gail Fisher and Linda Spears, Joseph Spracale, Jim Buchanon, Bill Regner, Steve Bauer, Neil Giuliano, Diane and Nick Hughes, Sharon Doyle, Cliff Jones, Margaret Hunnicut, Pen Johnson, Beth Fiorenza, Harvey Gibson, Shana Ellis, Mike Jennings, Peggy Moroney, Judy Aldrich, Elizabeth Cling, Karyn Gitlis, Julie Kent, Tonya Gray